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In addition to the update posts on this site, this page contains all of the press-related materials connected to Wild Bullets in one place.  Click on any one of the links below.



Drive Thru Comics

Drive Thru Comics SUPER SALE!

Comic Book and Movie Reviews

The Indie Project Review

Canned Air Podcast

The Todd Files Podcast

The Pop Culture Cafe Podcast

The Drunken Dork Podcast

Indie Project Recommended Reading

Pulp Cultured Review

Krypto Comics Review

Inter-Comics Interview with Greg Wright

Comic Book Cast

Podbros Promotions Podcast

Master Plot Comics Article

The Geeks with Wives and Capes Podcast

CBR: Comic Book Resources

The Drunk Dorks Podcast

The Womb Mates Podcast

Dave's Nerd Compendium Podcast

ComiConverse Review

Midland Daily News: The Verge Article

An Elegant Weapon Podcast

Slackjaw Punks: Comic R Kewel Podcast

The Paul Pate Podcast  (or the video version)

The Gravy Age Review

The Pop Culture Cafe Podcast Review

The Gravy Age Podcast

The Pop Culture Cafe

Comic Crusaders Preview

YouTube Video

Salty Language Presents: The Enthusiasts Podcast

Slack Jaw Punks Video

Geeks with Wives Review

The Bay City Times/MLive Article

MLive Video

The Slack Jaw Punks Review

The Well Watchers Review

FanboysInc Review

Bag & Bored Review

The Well Watchers Podcast

M.I.C.E. (Michigan Independent Comic Enthusiasts)

Geeks with Wives Website

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