Friday, April 17, 2015

Meet the Creators

About the Creators:

Writer: Greg Wright

Greg Wright is an Assistant Professor of English and Communications at Michigan's Davenport University.  He earned his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 2007, and his award-winning academic and creative writing have been published in a variety of journals, including Red Cedar ReviewThe Journal of Popular Culture, and Bear River Review.

His comics have appeared in the Michigan Comics Collective's inaugural anthology, Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime, and the forthcoming Michigan Comics Collective's horror anthology: 13 Little Hells.  He has also co-created the comics Last Monster Standing with Erik Reichenbach and Monstrous with Ken Lamug.

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Artist (Intro and Archie Bullet section): Steve Sharar

In addition to being one of the pencilers/inkers on Wild Bullets, Stephen Sharar is also one of the co-creators of the non-profit publisher, the Michigan Comics Collective, whose purpose is to give up and coming comic creators from Michigan a venue in which to showcase their work.  Among other projects coming out later this year, Sharar is also the penciler/inker on the upcoming Source Point Press comic Up the River, which releases May, 2015, at the Motor City Comic Con.

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Artist and Colorist (Steve Bullet section): Sean Seal

Sean Seal grew up in Indiana and has an Art degree from Indiana Wesleyan University.  He has contributed to the Michigan Comics Collective's first and second anthologies and colors Up the River from Source Point Press.  He lives in Bay City, Michigan, and he enjoys painting both for fun and profit.  He is currently taking applications for bio writers.

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Artist (Kelly Bullet section): Jason Jimenez

Jason Jimenez is a man with many titles: father, veteran, ninja ... just to name a few.  But before he was any of those things, he was an artist.  Pulling his primary influences from comics and anime, Jason began to make his presence known in the industry last year with the Michigan Comics Collective's first anthology. His other work will be forthcoming in Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime, the second Michigan Comics Collective anthology volume, the MCC Horror Anthology: 13 Little Hells, the Michigan Comics Collective Double Feature, and, of course, Wild Bullets.

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Artist (Minerva Bullet section): Joe Freyre

Joe Freyre is a native of Saginaw, Michigan, and some of his inspirations include the Animation Renaissance, 90's comics, and the anime boom of the mid-90's.  His artistic influences span from Humberto Ramos, Akira Toriyama, Genndy Tartakovsky, Craig McCracken, Andy Suriano, Sushio, and Joe Madureira to a slew of others.  He was a featured artist in volumes one and two of the Michigan Comics Collective anthology, as well as the horror anthology for Fall, 2015.

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Letterer and Colorist: Sara Sowles

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Sara Sowles graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design in 2007 with honors and has a Bachelors of Fine Art: Illustration and a minor in a Photography. She has a varied work background, including: graphic design, costume design, sales, and marketing industries.  With experience in fast-paced, deadline-oriented industries such as the newspaper industry and the feature film industry, Sara manages Killustration Studios and orchestrates all of the event appearances and business details, as well as being the digital painter, letterer and graphic artist.

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